• First, turn the wig inside out, taking special care with the lace front.

• Dunk your wig gently using your open hand in the cap for support in a sink filled with cold water and/or shampoo or conditioner to wash, or condition. Rinse in clean cool water in between using the same dunking motion. Do not wash it under a shower head

• Using cool water helps to preserve the integrity of your wig.

• While dunking the cap, be careful to avoid scrubbing it or wringing the hair. • Do not put apply shampoo or conditioner directly to the hair. Remember, wig washing is like hand washing your favorite sweater.

• Blow drying your wig is not recommended. Instead, gently pat the excess water out of it with a towel, then hang it on a drying form. Spray the ends with leave-in conditioner and let it air dry overnight or until it is completely dry.

• Once your wig has air dried thoroughly, use a wide-toothed comb to carefully comb it out . Work from the ends of the hair up towards the roots while supporting the hair so you don’t tug it too hard. Never comb all the way to the roots as you may catch the cap in the comb and cause a tear. From there you can use hot tools such as a flat iron or curling iron on the While there are several steps involved, the process for wig washing is easy and not very time consuming. And you can take comfort in the fact that even with daily wear, wig washing is only necessary once every two to three weeks – which will save you hours of time. Imagine not having to think about washing your hair before work everyday!

Plus, when you purchase a wig from Chrysalis Custom Hair, we provide you with a care kit with all of the products you need to care for your wig and detailed instructions to make following these guidelines a breeze. With a little time investment and a gentle touch, you can keep your wig looking lovely for many years to come – and continue feeling like the prettiest girl in the room.